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[english] How to take part in the Cybertraining

Björn Reinhardt, 09.05.2020

[english] How to take part in the Cybertraining

For the participation in the Cybertraining we recommend a PC or notebook with the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser in the latest version. Furthermore, participation with a smartphone or tablet is also possible. For these devices, Jitsi Meet for iPhone or Android must be downloaded. Jitsi is an open source application for video conferencing.

In addition to the devices, you will of course also need a stable Internet connection and a full battery. With a click on the link, which we will publish on our homepage shortly before the training, you can join our meeting. You can also change your name in the settings. With a click on the chat icon you can chat with the operator and other participants. A click on the tiles allows you to show all participants next to each other.

To actively participate in the Cybertraining, it is necessary to activate the webcam and microphone on your device. Without activation you can still participate in the training, but communication with us will not be possible. Additionally we recommend the use of headsets or headphones to avoid annoying noises.


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