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[english] Javanon FC joins SV Dessau 05

Björn Reinhardt, 09.05.2020

[english] Javanon FC joins SV Dessau 05

Now it's going to be international. SV Dessau 05 will hold its 4th public Cybertraining on Saturday in the stadium at Schillerpark or live on the internet. With Daniel Wilke, head of the youth team, and team captain Rick Behling the already known protagonists will be in front of the camera again. In addition, veteran Robert Römer, who made his debut in online training last week, has announced his participation again.

However, the latest edition of the Cybertraining will be a little different. Since Wilke is always good for a surprise, he used his contacts in the USA at the beginning of this week to invite Javanon FC from Louisville, Kentucky to join the training session. The JFC is one of the most successful clubs in Kentucky and has made the training of young footballers one of its top priorities. The club was founded in 1989 by General Manager Ali Ahmadi and has adapted FC Barcelona's successful training concept for its youth development work. In Juan Carlos Carreras Domingo, Javanon also has a former defender from the successful Barca team as Technical Director in its own ranks.

"Just two years ago, Petra Uchida, who comes originally from Dessau, asked us whether her son Leo could come and train with us during his visit in Germany," Wilke explains his contact to Louisville. In 2016, the young mother emigrated to the USA with her husband Shizuka and their two children for professional reasons. The son took his passion for football with him from Germany. In Lousville, Leo kicks for the U13 team from the very club that accepted the invitation to train together on Saturday. The training with the Nullfünfer did not only remain in Leo's memory. The connection to Louisville still exists today. And so it was ultimately Petra Uchida, who had already observed the previous Cybertrainings, found them good and initiated the proposal of a joint training session. Because, as in Germany, due to the current situation, a regular training session is currently unthinkable in the USA. "Our U13 team is really looking forward to the join the training", says Uchida, who also hopes for "a lively exchange and lasting contact".

Leo Uchida (centre) has known the Nullfünfer since his training together with the team in summer 2018.


Due to the time difference to the USA, the training this week was postponed to 15:05. The later kick-off time will certainly please some of the U19 players. And Daniel Wilke, who is already excited: "I am totally curious how the training will be received this time and of course I hope that everything will go as smoothly as in the past weeks".

The link to the training and a detailed instruction will be published here in time. Due to technical reasons, we will not use the same access as in the last weeks. Furthermore 2 additional servers will be used to be able to react quickly in case of any problems.



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